Cougar dating tips for young cubs. Part – 1

When it comes to cougar dating, most guys don’t know what to do to impress a cougar woman and to make them happy, they often did something wrong and ruin all their chance to date an older woman and fulfill their desire. Dating an older woman is a skill and there must be something special in you to date a cougar woman and maintain your cougar dating for long. 

Every cougar dating starts with causal dating and if a cougar woman finds any potential in you, than it leads to long term dating. If you are able to make her feel that potential in you, it’s quite sure that you will get rejection from your cougar woman. In order to have a successful cougar date, it is must to make her happy and impress her right on your first meeting. As if you are not able to make a mark right on your first meet, it’s quite hard that you will get a chance to date her again for the second time. So make sure that, first impression is your last impression when it comes to mature dating.

Here are the best cougar dating tips for young cubs that are looking to impress her cougar woman right on their first cougar date so that they will deserve a second chance to date her again and their older women dating will go for long term. If you are looking for the same, follow these essential tips to make your cougar date a memorable one. Here are the tips.

Never make any comparison or any comment when you are with her – it is mandatory and the first thing to know about cougar women that they don’t like to be compared by anyone or never like anyone commenting on her or make any false compliment that isn’t fit for them. So make sure about complementing them about their beauty. Never ever make any compliment about her beauty or skin as they know that their skin isn’t the same as before and have wrinkles. Another thing is comparison, if you comparing her with your mom or your last girl friend to whom you dated, than surely will get a rejection right there and never get a chance to see her again. So, avoid comparing her to anyone.

Age is another thing that you should ask from her – She is older than you and may be her age is as same as your mother. She clearly knows about her age and you don’t have to remind her again and again by asking questions about her age. Let her believe that age is just a number and you are feeling lucky as you get a chance to spend time with her and share your feeling with her. Dating an older woman isn’t mean that you are quite young and she will ignore your silly questions. You have to be very sure what you are going to ask from her and what you should say to her.

Cougar dating tips for young cubs. Part – 2

Dating a cougar woman means a lot to cougar woman. There are many questions that are going to be asked and most of them are relevant and few of them are not even relevant. But if you really want to date an older woman, it is must to prepare yourself for all her questions and must show your maturity while asking questions from her. Dating a cougar woman is a fun for young cub but before having that fun with cougar woman, it is important to make her feel that you are the only one that she is looking for and you are best among all of them they dated before.
Here are the few tips for young cubs that will help them to make their first cougar date a big success. Follow these tips if you are looking to date a cougar woman and want her to be your dating partner for long.

In our previous post, we already discussed that what you should not do when you are on your first cougar date and what compliments or comment that you have to make to impress her. Making a comparison or reminding her to her is quite not a good idea when you are dating a cougar woman. So keep avoid these things if you are quite serious about dating an older woman. Here are other important tips that you must know before dating an older woman.

Have a good sense of humor

When you are dating a mature person, it becomes more important that you will use your humor to impress her instead of doing childish or silly things. Avoid anything that express your childish behavior to her and she may think that you are still a kid yet and not a good cougar dating material. A good sense of humor must get an appreciation from mature guys and they literally love the guys that own a good sense of humor.


No matter you are going to your first date or your first job interview. If you don’t have the confidence to express yourself in a better way, you didn’t deserve anything of them – a job or a date.

When you are going out to date a cougar woman, no matter how old is she; you must have that confidence in you to make her feel that you are the right guy for her. If you are able to do this, you will get your first cougar date and if you fail to put an impression of yours on her, it’s time to go back and start working on things that won’t work for you.

Nobody likes a guy who’s confidence is quite low especially cougar woman, if you are not confident, you won’t perform better in bed and both are must when you are dating a cougar woman. A confident man is appreciated everywhere and get everything what he wants too.

These are the best mature dating tips for young cubs. If you are looking to have a successful cougar date, you must have to follow these tips.

Cougar dating tips for men – Cougar dating

Dating a cougar is always a fun but let me tell you that not every woman is quite same and you can’t treat a cougar woman with just the same way as you treating your other teen age girl friends. Cougar women are quite different and you must have to do some extra efforts to impress them. Here are few but the most common things that every cougar woman must look in any young cub. If you too are looking or interested in cougar dating, you must know few important thing about older women dating. Here are few tips that every young cub must know before having a cougar date.

Never say to your cougar woman that you are busy or not available

Meeting your cougar woman is quite important and saying no to your cougar woman is considered to be a crime or sin. If you really want to make your cougar woman happy and go for a long term relationship with her, it’s better to be available for her at any time when she needs you. Never say her that you are not available or quite busy in other things. Be available when needed is key to make your cougar dating more successful.

Make her feel that you are the only one to whom he cares

Dating is all about care and pamper and love. Cougar woman also want their partner the same thing. Make your cougar woman feel that she means a lot to you and you literally start loving her. Her presence drives you crazy and her personality reflects her achievements what she achieved in her life. Make a mark on what she achieve in her professional life but never take granted to her personal life or don’t make any comment or compliment to her personal life like her kids, her family background. Don’t ever try to go more personal and ask personal details from your cougar woman, if she shares it with you than it’s quite fine and you can add words to them but only in a positive way by praising her.

Never ask her past relationship and share yours

Past is past and you must know that. When you are dating a cougar woman, it is obvious that she has many relationships in her past but it doesn’t mean that you are going to ask her past relationship stories from her and share your past relationship stories to her. This won’t go well if you are doing this right in your first cougar date. Avoid anything that is related to your past relationship.

She must need a space

Any women that are over 40 must need a space for her so as your cougar dating partner. So never interrupt her when she says that she want to spend time alone.

Age is just a number

In mature dating, age is just a number and you have to accept it. So it is advised not to raise questions about her age.

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How to attract an older woman for cougar date

Dating an older woman isn’t that difficult if you know your cougar woman. But this is quite one of the most critical thing about dating an older woman. It’s quite very hard to impress your cougar woman right in your first date and guys like us try many different and odd things in order to impress her. There is something special in older woman that attracts young guys to date her and they start searching older woman to date her. But it is more important to know the tips or have an expert advice first before dating an older woman. 
Here are few tips and tricks that you must know before dating an older woman. If you are looking to date an older woman, it’s quite important to know about these tips first. Cougar dating is quite interesting if you are able to impress her both in personal and in bed too. Here are few tips that might help you in your first cougar dating.

Don’t follow any misconceptions – it is quite obvious that having a sexual relationship in older women dating is must. But looking for sex right on your first date isn’t the best for you if you are newbie and haven’t date an older woman before. So, avoid anything that will ruin any opportunity to date a cougar woman.

Be mature, don’t be act like a kid – dating is for matures and you know that older woman do like mature guys that have some sense of humor. They know how to behave and treat her when they are dating an older woman. If you are looking for a successful cougar date, it is important that you should not act like a kid or doing silly things when you are dating a cougar woman.

Confidence –When you are dating a cougar woman, it is quite important that you don’t lose your confidence. In order to impress your cougar date, your confidence must be on high level. Remember one thing that cougar woman do like confident guys and if you are comfortable with her and confident in bed you are half done to impress your cougar woman.

Don’t shy to share your views – when you are dating a cougar woman, it’s quite mandatory that you don’t have to feel shy. Be bold and confident and never afraid of sharing your views if you have better idea. Don’t think that she is older than you than she is always have better plan or ideas. Believe in you and never hide your views or ideas when there’s any plan you have.

Be bold in bed – when you are sharing a bed with older woman, it is quite mandatory to be bold when you are with her. Feeling shy won’t help you anymore in cougar dating. In fact, it will affect negatively in your mature dating.

Dating a cougar woman is trick and you have to follow these tips if you are want to have a successful cougar relationship with her.

How to Deal with the Worries of Your Partner When having a Threesome?

If this is her first time trying a threesome, she might worry that it is uncomfortable for her to be naked in front of another woman who is going to share her significant other. If she feels that way, it is important to tell her that she can call it stop by saying the code you discussed. Based on the fact, there is little change that she might use the code, but in this way, she can feel more secure and in control, most important of all, less scared.

She might worry that you and the third might open a new relationship that she can’t control. In other words, she worries that you might be emotionally attached to the third and even worse, fall in love with her. In regards to this issue, there are some questions you should ask yourself. Are you going to be obsessed with threesome? Is threesome going to replace your original sexual routine? Even if she is not there, do you have the confidence in yourself that you won’t interact with these people who you had couple dating ? Do you hope to sleep with the third just by yourself without her? If none of these issues is questioned in your mind, then you can be sure and tell her that it is impossible and unnecessary for her to worry.  

Do not just tell her that “I won’t do it”. You need to show her. If you have been letting her feel insecure, maybe it is because you are not so sure about your relationship. Face the fact and it is time for you to give up threesome if you care for this relationship. If she always feels secure with you and never worries about these issues, then it means you have been doing a great job and you are luckily in a very steady and trust-worthy relationship. You can go ahead and have a bi dating together.

She might not be worry about the issues I mentioned above until you bring them up. Therefore, by discussing these issues, you might open up new worries for her that she never thought about. Actually, many women have this special logic that the fact you are talking about it regardless of the intention, you are obviously thinking about it, which makes them even more concerned. Therefore, that reminds you that you should be careful with the way you bring it up. You can start with suggesting her to make a list of her concerns instead of you bringing them up first. In this way, you can know what is her concerns and what is not. You can ignore those in your mind while not in her list.

Even if you are having a couples dating with another hot and sexy woman, do not show much attraction to the third even if you do feel that way. It can be very easy for the husband to take notice of the new blood here. It can also very easy for the wife to notice the change of the husband. it is understandable to show the third that she is welcomed, but it should be done by both of you, but by yourself. You should never be too casual or familiar with the third, even if your partner is away.

Tips to impress your cougar woman right in your first cougar date Part – 1

Dating a cougar woman is an amazing thing. However, sliver singles are not that easy to date as they are experienced and
matures women and know exactly what they want from their dating partner. Cougar women are mature ones and they are looking the same compatibility with their dating partner as well. So, it is quite hard to impress a cougar woman right on your first date but not impossible. 
If you are a cougar lover and going out on your first cougar date, here are few things that you need to know and implement when you with her right on your first cougar date. Remember that, it’s your first time with any cougar woman but is experienced and dated many young cubs before in her life. So, it is more important to impress her right on your first date if you are looking to date her again. For second chance or interested to see her again, it is more important to impress her right on your first cougar date if you really want to date her for long term. However, it is believed that mature dating is not for those that are looking for serious and long term dating but cougar is quite best for those that are only interested in causal dating but there are high chances that this causal date will later turn to serious or long term dating relationship.

Here are few tips for young cubs that are interested to date a cougar woman and going out for the very first time to meet a cougar woman. If this is your first time that you are going out to meet a sudy cougar woman, follow these tips to impress her. Here are the tips.

Bring a surprise gift for her – no matter how old the woman is. Every women love surprises and so as your cougar woman too. If you really want to make a friendly environment when you are with a cougar woman, buying a gift for her is quite best. If you are buying a gift for her right on your first date, this will give her an idea that you know how to treat a woman in public and make her happy with things other than sex.

Don’t lose your confidence when you are with her – when you are dating an older women, it is quite obvious that you are bit nervous and your confidence isn’t that high that you have when dating with other younger girls. Confidence is must when you are dating a cougar woman. If you are not confident while dating with a cougar woman, you are not a perfect candidate for cougar dating and your cougar woman will kick you out and you will never get a second chance to date her again or see her. In other words, you are rejected right on your first date. So, confidence is a key for a successful cougar dating and cougar woman do like confident and mature guys.

Interested in cougar dating? Here’s the best cougar dating tips. Part – 2

If you are dating an older woman for the very first time, you must need expert advices or some effective tips that can help you to impress your cougar woman. In our previous article, we discussed few tips that can help you to impress your cougar woman, here are few more effective cougar dating tips that will surely help you to make your cougar dating a successful one.

If you don’t know what to do and how to impress your silver singles, here are the tips that you must know before dating an older woman. Follow these essential tips –

Know what your role in a relationship – when you are dating an older woman, it is more important that you must know your role and never act like a slave or a servant to her or never act like over possessive and caring to her. Cougar women are mature and independent woman and know how to take care of themselves. At this stage of life, everyone wants a personal space and you have to respect that and don’t disturb her when she wants to stay alone or spend some time with herself. Knowing your stand or position in a cougar relationship is quite important and you must know how to manage things when she is upset or her mood is off. Usually cougar woman are in a relationship for only fun and entertainment and they never like to share her personal matters with anyone and you have to respect her decision and never force her for anything as this will also bring a negative impact in your relationship.

Sex is not the only thing that she want – when you are dating an older woman, it is quite obvious that she is interesting in having sexual relationship with you but she is with you because of only sex is purely a misconception about older women dating app. Sex is not the only thing that cougar woman wants from you. Sometime, they just want to spend time with you and want to share something. In other words, we can say that sometime, they also want a companion that can listen to her and share something interesting that will cheer up her mood. Spending a quality time together and discuss about each other likes, dislikes is also another important things in cougar dating.

Show your maturity to your cougar woman – when you are dating a mature woman, you also have to act same. Avoid anything that reflects your immaturity to your cougar partner. Cougar women do like mature guys and the guys with good sense of humor. Avoid doing any silly things thing that you were doing when dating a teen age girl. Be mature and use your sense of humor to impress your cougar woman.

Be bold – this is quite one of the most important thing that you must show when you have a older women dating. Never hesitate to show your boldness and try naughty things when you are in a room with her.

These are few but the most important tips for cougar dating that you must do when you are on your cougar date.

How to land one a successful one night hookup?

It may be easy to find someone to have a one night hookup. But a wrong one can cause you a lot of trouble. A study found that 54% of frustrated women had a negative feeling about their last tinder hookup or sexual contact. The main negative emotion being that they felt exploited or not appreciated, or sexual experience is far from satisfactory. The main reason for this is that they do not use the right way to land on a one night hookup. This is the right way for you to approach.

Prepare to put in some work

Hookup apps persuade us to believe that casual sexual encounters are our own choices. Just say Hey! Or send a photo of our intimate part to a stranger. There is a study shows that users of social media who use hookup apps and older women dating app for dating, only 2% want a relationship. Although men are lowering the standard of one-night stand, but women have raised theirs. In this study, both men and women were given three choices, going out, coming to the apartment, going to bed. Then showing them different companions. Men choosing beds and don’t care about appearances. And women only accept bedding with men who look good. So next time you are brushing teeth, do some extra work to your face.

Where can I find a one-night stand?

Needless to say, there are good and bad places to look for a one-night stand. The obvious solution is to use a hookup app directly, where each participant has a common goal. However, if you are a person who prefers face-to-face communication, or if you have tried these older women dating apps without success, then there are some places worth seeing. Bars and clubs are great places for people to vent their emotions and enjoy the good times. Family gatherings are also a good choice. If you are lucky enough to be invited to a wedding, then you are also very fortunate. Weddings are a great place for singles to find happiness.

Don’t rush to close the deal

Recognizing that a woman thinks you are attractive or fascinating is not a hint for you to rush to the finish line. Unless your life expectancy is a day from hookup apps and older women dating app to the bar to the bedroom. Enjoy the part before sexual experiment. Don’t get too drunk. If you drink, cancel the date. Don’t waste it when you feel sick. Remember her name and find some protective measures . I am referring to contraception, not a backup plan. Safety is a must, especially for casual sexual encounters, because of all the obvious reasons, pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, etc.

Make her feel worthwhile

For many years, people have always believed that women are unwilling to engage in unconditional sexual behavior because of fear of emotional attachment. Recent research has shown something less positive: women just don’t get much happiness from it. The study found that only 40% of women reached their orgasm in one night hookup, compared with 80% of men. Therefore, it might be difficult, but try to make her feel worthwhile.

Cougar dating tips for young cubs. Part – 1

When it comes to cougar dating , most guys don’t know what to do to impress a cougar woman and to make them happy, they often did something ...