How to Deal with the Worries of Your Partner When having a Threesome?

If this is her first time trying a threesome, she might worry that it is uncomfortable for her to be naked in front of another woman who is going to share her significant other. If she feels that way, it is important to tell her that she can call it stop by saying the code you discussed. Based on the fact, there is little change that she might use the code, but in this way, she can feel more secure and in control, most important of all, less scared.

She might worry that you and the third might open a new relationship that she can’t control. In other words, she worries that you might be emotionally attached to the third and even worse, fall in love with her. In regards to this issue, there are some questions you should ask yourself. Are you going to be obsessed with threesome? Is threesome going to replace your original sexual routine? Even if she is not there, do you have the confidence in yourself that you won’t interact with these people who you had couple dating ? Do you hope to sleep with the third just by yourself without her? If none of these issues is questioned in your mind, then you can be sure and tell her that it is impossible and unnecessary for her to worry.  

Do not just tell her that “I won’t do it”. You need to show her. If you have been letting her feel insecure, maybe it is because you are not so sure about your relationship. Face the fact and it is time for you to give up threesome if you care for this relationship. If she always feels secure with you and never worries about these issues, then it means you have been doing a great job and you are luckily in a very steady and trust-worthy relationship. You can go ahead and have a bi dating together.

She might not be worry about the issues I mentioned above until you bring them up. Therefore, by discussing these issues, you might open up new worries for her that she never thought about. Actually, many women have this special logic that the fact you are talking about it regardless of the intention, you are obviously thinking about it, which makes them even more concerned. Therefore, that reminds you that you should be careful with the way you bring it up. You can start with suggesting her to make a list of her concerns instead of you bringing them up first. In this way, you can know what is her concerns and what is not. You can ignore those in your mind while not in her list.

Even if you are having a couples dating with another hot and sexy woman, do not show much attraction to the third even if you do feel that way. It can be very easy for the husband to take notice of the new blood here. It can also very easy for the wife to notice the change of the husband. it is understandable to show the third that she is welcomed, but it should be done by both of you, but by yourself. You should never be too casual or familiar with the third, even if your partner is away.

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