Cougar dating tips for men – Cougar dating

Dating a cougar is always a fun but let me tell you that not every woman is quite same and you can’t treat a cougar woman with just the same way as you treating your other teen age girl friends. Cougar women are quite different and you must have to do some extra efforts to impress them. Here are few but the most common things that every cougar woman must look in any young cub. If you too are looking or interested in cougar dating, you must know few important thing about older women dating. Here are few tips that every young cub must know before having a cougar date.

Never say to your cougar woman that you are busy or not available

Meeting your cougar woman is quite important and saying no to your cougar woman is considered to be a crime or sin. If you really want to make your cougar woman happy and go for a long term relationship with her, it’s better to be available for her at any time when she needs you. Never say her that you are not available or quite busy in other things. Be available when needed is key to make your cougar dating more successful.

Make her feel that you are the only one to whom he cares

Dating is all about care and pamper and love. Cougar woman also want their partner the same thing. Make your cougar woman feel that she means a lot to you and you literally start loving her. Her presence drives you crazy and her personality reflects her achievements what she achieved in her life. Make a mark on what she achieve in her professional life but never take granted to her personal life or don’t make any comment or compliment to her personal life like her kids, her family background. Don’t ever try to go more personal and ask personal details from your cougar woman, if she shares it with you than it’s quite fine and you can add words to them but only in a positive way by praising her.

Never ask her past relationship and share yours

Past is past and you must know that. When you are dating a cougar woman, it is obvious that she has many relationships in her past but it doesn’t mean that you are going to ask her past relationship stories from her and share your past relationship stories to her. This won’t go well if you are doing this right in your first cougar date. Avoid anything that is related to your past relationship.

She must need a space

Any women that are over 40 must need a space for her so as your cougar dating partner. So never interrupt her when she says that she want to spend time alone.

Age is just a number

In mature dating, age is just a number and you have to accept it. So it is advised not to raise questions about her age.

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