Tips to impress your cougar woman right in your first cougar date Part – 1

Dating a cougar woman is an amazing thing. However, sliver singles are not that easy to date as they are experienced and
matures women and know exactly what they want from their dating partner. Cougar women are mature ones and they are looking the same compatibility with their dating partner as well. So, it is quite hard to impress a cougar woman right on your first date but not impossible. 
If you are a cougar lover and going out on your first cougar date, here are few things that you need to know and implement when you with her right on your first cougar date. Remember that, it’s your first time with any cougar woman but is experienced and dated many young cubs before in her life. So, it is more important to impress her right on your first date if you are looking to date her again. For second chance or interested to see her again, it is more important to impress her right on your first cougar date if you really want to date her for long term. However, it is believed that mature dating is not for those that are looking for serious and long term dating but cougar is quite best for those that are only interested in causal dating but there are high chances that this causal date will later turn to serious or long term dating relationship.

Here are few tips for young cubs that are interested to date a cougar woman and going out for the very first time to meet a cougar woman. If this is your first time that you are going out to meet a sudy cougar woman, follow these tips to impress her. Here are the tips.

Bring a surprise gift for her – no matter how old the woman is. Every women love surprises and so as your cougar woman too. If you really want to make a friendly environment when you are with a cougar woman, buying a gift for her is quite best. If you are buying a gift for her right on your first date, this will give her an idea that you know how to treat a woman in public and make her happy with things other than sex.

Don’t lose your confidence when you are with her – when you are dating an older women, it is quite obvious that you are bit nervous and your confidence isn’t that high that you have when dating with other younger girls. Confidence is must when you are dating a cougar woman. If you are not confident while dating with a cougar woman, you are not a perfect candidate for cougar dating and your cougar woman will kick you out and you will never get a second chance to date her again or see her. In other words, you are rejected right on your first date. So, confidence is a key for a successful cougar dating and cougar woman do like confident and mature guys.

Cougar dating tips for young cubs. Part – 1

When it comes to cougar dating , most guys don’t know what to do to impress a cougar woman and to make them happy, they often did something ...