Cougar dating tips for young cubs. Part – 2

Dating a cougar woman means a lot to cougar woman. There are many questions that are going to be asked and most of them are relevant and few of them are not even relevant. But if you really want to date an older woman, it is must to prepare yourself for all her questions and must show your maturity while asking questions from her. Dating a cougar woman is a fun for young cub but before having that fun with cougar woman, it is important to make her feel that you are the only one that she is looking for and you are best among all of them they dated before.
Here are the few tips for young cubs that will help them to make their first cougar date a big success. Follow these tips if you are looking to date a cougar woman and want her to be your dating partner for long.

In our previous post, we already discussed that what you should not do when you are on your first cougar date and what compliments or comment that you have to make to impress her. Making a comparison or reminding her to her is quite not a good idea when you are dating a cougar woman. So keep avoid these things if you are quite serious about dating an older woman. Here are other important tips that you must know before dating an older woman.

Have a good sense of humor

When you are dating a mature person, it becomes more important that you will use your humor to impress her instead of doing childish or silly things. Avoid anything that express your childish behavior to her and she may think that you are still a kid yet and not a good cougar dating material. A good sense of humor must get an appreciation from mature guys and they literally love the guys that own a good sense of humor.


No matter you are going to your first date or your first job interview. If you don’t have the confidence to express yourself in a better way, you didn’t deserve anything of them – a job or a date.

When you are going out to date a cougar woman, no matter how old is she; you must have that confidence in you to make her feel that you are the right guy for her. If you are able to do this, you will get your first cougar date and if you fail to put an impression of yours on her, it’s time to go back and start working on things that won’t work for you.

Nobody likes a guy who’s confidence is quite low especially cougar woman, if you are not confident, you won’t perform better in bed and both are must when you are dating a cougar woman. A confident man is appreciated everywhere and get everything what he wants too.

These are the best mature dating tips for young cubs. If you are looking to have a successful cougar date, you must have to follow these tips.

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