Cougar dating tips for young cubs. Part – 1

When it comes to cougar dating, most guys don’t know what to do to impress a cougar woman and to make them happy, they often did something wrong and ruin all their chance to date an older woman and fulfill their desire. Dating an older woman is a skill and there must be something special in you to date a cougar woman and maintain your cougar dating for long.

Every cougar dating starts with causal dating and if a cougar woman finds any potential in you, than it leads to long term dating. If you are able to make her feel that potential in you, it’s quite sure that you will get rejection from your cougar woman. In order to have a successful cougar date, it is must to make her happy and impress her right on your first meeting. As if you are not able to make a mark right on your first meet, it’s quite hard that you will get a chance to date her again for the second time. So make sure that, first impression is your last impression when it comes to mature dating.

Here are the best cougar dating tips for young cubs that are looking to impress her cougar woman right on their first cougar date so that they will deserve a second chance to date her again and their older women dating will go for long term. If you are looking for the same, follow these essential tips to make your cougar date a memorable one. Here are the tips.

Never make any comparison or any comment when you are with her – it is mandatory and the first thing to know about cougar women that they don’t like to be compared by anyone or never like anyone commenting on her or make any false compliment that isn’t fit for them. So make sure about complementing them about their beauty. Never ever make any compliment about her beauty or skin as they know that their skin isn’t the same as before and have wrinkles. Another thing is comparison, if you comparing her with your mom or your last girl friend to whom you dated, than surely will get a rejection right there and never get a chance to see her again. So, avoid comparing her to anyone.

Age is another thing that you should ask from her – She is older than you and may be her age is as same as your mother. She clearly knows about her age and you don’t have to remind her again and again by asking questions about her age. Let her believe that age is just a number and you are feeling lucky as you get a chance to spend time with her and share your feeling with her. Dating an older woman isn’t mean that you are quite young and she will ignore your silly questions. You have to be very sure what you are going to ask from her and what you should say to her.